just a few hours at Disney World


Admittedly we weren’t even there very long – I think we walked through the turnstiles at the Magic Kingdom at maybe 7:30pm because we had just enough time to run a quick errand before catching Wishes at 8pm, and then after grabbing dinner at Pecos Bill’s and taking in a couple of attractions, we were back out the door just after 10pm … not even waiting until the park officially closed at 11pm.

It was a short trip, but I think it was one of those cases where we were both incredibly stressed and needed a distraction, and it wasn’t until we were actually surrounded by said distraction that we also realized just how incredibly tired we were! But it was fun – we watched Wishes from a strange perspective (across from the First Aid Station by the Crystal Palace) and learned why it wasn’t so great (bad location for the soundtrack, mostly, because you could hear a lot of chatter, too), and then we also got a chance to go on Peter Pan, which is always fun because although I think it’s a neat ride, there’s no way I’m ever standing in line for the bizarrely normal 2-hour wait for that particular attraction!

It was a good start for 2013, though, and hopefully as our temperatures start to stabilize … but not get too hot … we’ll find ourselves over there a bit more often in the spring months soon to come. 😉

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