movie thoughts … Elysium

MV5BNDc2NjU0MTcwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjg4MDg2OQ@@._V1_SX214_[1]I don’t know why I was looking forward to seeing this movie.

Maybe it was because I like Matt Damon.

Or maybe it was because on the surface it seemed like an intriguing concept, mingling life in space with current income inequality issues that we face today.

It might still be an intriguing concept if somebody wants to write an actual movie about this dystopian, impoverished planet and why all of the well-to-do folks decided to leave the lesser folks behind in favor of living in a giant space station in orbit … at least it seems like the opportunity to do so should still be there because *I* certainly didn’t see anything in resemblance to a plot in this 109-minute waste of my time this evening!

So many unanswered questions…

  • Why did the rich folks build Elysium? And seriously, a little more context then “to preserve their way of life” … like, what happened that made Earth such a shit hole that they all wanted to leave???
  • And once they left, why didn’t they all just, errrr, leave for good and never look back?! What’s the point of them hanging around out in orbit, just begging the lesser folk to try to sneak in so that they can send them back home to build more robots for the sake of policing … themselves???
  • If the rich folks could build these sweet med pods that can heal anything and everything in a matter of seconds, are they just gigantic dicks for not wanting to share that technology with the rest of the population? I mean, I’ve got to figure that the kind of healing capabilities that they commanded should’ve been able to turn around a destitute civilization in no time flat.
  • And if illegal immigrants are such a concern, why doesn’t Elysium just blast every unauthorized approaching ship with missiles and call it a day? How much legitimate traffic can really be going back and forth between shit hole and utopia that they can’t have a more automated defense system?
  • And lastly, for the sake of there being a lastly, does Elysium have no backup plan if their computer systems – that seem to run everything – somehow find themselves compromised?! Literally it’s just hacker … blah blah blah … reboot the system … lights go out, then come back on … then no more exclusion – everybody is now welcome, even though we don’t have the houses or the resources and you all still smell kinda funky!

I feel like the way this movie got created was that somebody sat down with a legal pad and scribbled “rich people in space, poor people on Earth” at the top, and then maybe got up to go use the bathroom or something, and while he was gone somebody turned those eight words into the entire movie. 😕

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