2013 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 23 – The Big Mouth Billy Bass Holiday Choir

Posting this as close to Christmas as possible because I hate to spoil the surprise, but it was just too awesome not to include in this year’s advent blog and besides, most of the people on the list aren’t exactly ones to waste their time reading this thing anyways! 😉

They said that it couldn’t be done.

Well, more specifically, my wife said that it shouldn’t be done because apparently there’s just something about a guy spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on buying singing fish over the Internet that doesn’t exactly make for a thrilled wife … and yet after receiving a lackluster quantity of actual gift suggestions from the various family members who would ultimately receive said fish, I think you’ll agree that I basically didn’t have any other choice!

So after finding a couple of surprisingly helpful eBay sellers, soon I found myself the proud, albeit temporary owner of these little beauties…




So to answer your inevitable questions:

  • Yes, I had them all sing at once.
  • No, it sadly wasn’t as cool as you might think … mostly because this model actually sings two different songs and thus there were always a least a couple of fish singing the wrong one.
  • No, I didn’t actually spend hundredof dollars. It was more like hundred dollars – I think after shipping, they ended up costing me on average around $15 each.
  • Also, Singing Fish Pro-Tip – if you’re looking to buy bulk quantities of holiday-branded singing fish, do it in July when nobody cares about Christmas because after sellers see you grab the first few, that’s when they realize that they’re way undercharging for their Santa Hat-laden Bass.

Nonetheless, for the few precious hours that we had together before I had to start taking them back down off the wall again and packing them into separate boxes for holiday gift-giving in various states around the north and northeast, the holiday ballad(s) that they chose to serenade me with was nothing short of magical … like the Christmas songs that I hear in my dreams, sung by Big Mouth Billy Bass himself in his finest holiday attire.


Best. Christmas. Ever. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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