Oh, Print Industry – you’ll always be relevant … in my heart.

Print Industry: Why are you here, Video Rental Store? There are still Blockbuster Videos everywhere.

CDs: There were record stores everywhere once.

Obsolete Anonymous

I stumbled across this little piece over on Joe Konrath’s blog and it really made me chuckle – he actually wrote it a couple of years ago, but that print industry is still holding on!

…sorry – I knew I couldn’t say it with a straight face…

I’m not sure if I give them 6 years anymore, considering that 3 of those have passed since the piece was first published. I love holding print copies of my books, but I’m not really under the delusion that I’ll ever have them front and center in every bookstore in America.

Maybe front and center on the Internet, at least until Internet 2 finally comes along and bumps this information superhighway out of existence, too! 😯

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