a disneyland prospectus

I thought this was kind of interesting – a 10-page write-up from 1954 painting the picture of a new theme park that an up-and-coming animator from Chicago had his heart set on building.


Though I’ve heard the stories a thousand times over for their WDW-equivalent, it’s still need to read the excited descriptions of recreating early America along Main Street USA, and see descriptions about some of the infamous scenes from the Jungle Cruise, and even the misguided anticipation for the Tomorrowland Speedway, which still rings out to me as pretty much the worst Disney attraction of all-time!

Still, I suppose it’s a little more appropriate than the picture of the riverboat … complete with a hint of that good, old-fashioned 1950s racism that you always hear so much about.  😯

Even in death, that man is never going to live that movie down…

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