Thin Post : Overeating vs. Over-tired

It’s weird – I thought that I was doing pretty good for about a week, and then things started to fall apart again.

…specifically with regards to food…

My problem isn’t that I’ve been eating the wrong foods over the last couple of weeks, but more so that I’m just eating way too much of the right foods. Believe it or not, while I was sick I was actually able to curb my junk food cravings for the most part, switching out deviled eggs and Atkins snacks and Nutrisystem meals (long story, but we’ve got A TON OF THEM right now) for potato chips and cookies and whatever other garbage I would normally be eating. That week was pretty great, and then I started feeling better and while I was able to keep myself on the same diet, I unfortunately found myself eating more…

And this time around I’ve also made the correlation that those days when I eat considerably more than I should also happen to be the ones where I feel myself getting sluggish and tired by the end of the day, even when I managed to get a somewhat decent amount of sleep. It makes sense … kind of like when you eat too much on Thanksgiving, and you think it’s because of the turkey but it’s really just from the ridiculous size of your average holiday dinner in general … if you give your body too much food to digest, it needs to divert its attention from everything else simply to deal with all of the excess fuel that you dumped into your gut!

Fuel that, obviously, I don’t need in such great excess, and on top of that, it’s really dragging me down productivity-wise to be falling asleep at my desk at 10:30pm when I still have half a night’s writing to finish up! I suppose that gives me two reasons why I need to curb my overeating a bit … a little unexpected because I’ve really never noticed anything like that before, but then again, these bones be gettin’ old and it unfortunately makes sense that these things are just going to compound themselves the longer I let them drag out before officially dealing with them once and for all.


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