Put Your Damn Photos Online Already!!!

So I kinda stalled out on this effort last year because:

  1. it turned out to be a lot more work than I had expected
  2. I was having second thoughts about paying an annual fee to Flickr for hosting when I already pay for web hosting by itself

I guess today’s announcement by Flickr kind of changes part of that … at least the second one … because with ONE TERABYTE of hosting for FREE, there really isn’t much sense in my paying for a subscription anymore. I’m actually really happy with this one because I’ve always liked Flickr, but photos aren’t a huge priority for me … I feel guilty because I don’t have them online, but I know that they’re mostly there for me and maybe a few friends and family at best.

And yet I’ve never gotten around to putting up a full-fledged site self-hosted because I’m just not really happy with the software that’s available. I tried for a while using Gallery/Gallery2, but their themes have never really kept up with the times … whereas the interfaces for sites like Facebook and Flickr look pretty great. I could throw up a self-hosted site that would take up half of my server’s disk space by itself, and it would look like it was built in 2001, or I can use somebody else’s service like Flickr’s and just go all in.

The real challenge here is simply … getting the photos uploaded.

Right now my Flickr account has about 700 photos between about a dozen sets.

The folder of photos on my PC has about 25,000 photos in about 150 sub-folders … almost 70 GB total!

Now that’s certainly no issue for Flickr’s new size limits, but it’s still a bear of a volume for me to go through before uploading them because I’m sure at least half of them, if not more, aren’t worth saving, and I’d also like to add some captions here and there, maybe do a little editing for the ones taken back when I knew even less about photography than the tiny bit that I do now, etc, etc…

I guess what I need to do is just make a point to do a few folders each week and keep pushing on it – roughly speaking, with about 7 months left in the year, if I could do say 5 folders a week, in theory I should be all caught up by the end of the year. I haven’t uploaded photos in such a long time that I’m not really sure if that equates to an hour a week or much, much more than an hour a week … I think that’s what always slowed me down in the past because it was really easy to get in the zone going through photos, but when I finally looked up again, I’d realize that it’d been a week and a half and I hadn’t done any actual writing in that whole time!

Still, I’d really like to get this done, so enough – that’s my challenge.

Personal photos online and caught up by the end of 2013. Bam!

And here are a handful of old favorites that I’m digging out of my archives for this post to help get me psyched up about starting this effort back up again…  😉






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