Reality vs. “Reality” TV

I’m not really sure why I still have “expectations” for reality TV shows. There aren’t really any that I watch regularly anymore – they’re pretty much a guilty pleasure at best in my life at this point, but for several hours last night for some reason I had stumbled upon South Beach Tow – a show (allegedly) about a towing company out of Miami, and because apparently there was absolutely nothing better on TV to put in the background while I was writing, it stayed fixed on this and I watched probably a dozen episodes before the night was through.

Again, I don’t know why…

So anyways, this morning I was cruising around the InterTubes and I found this video:

In hindsight, I don’t know why this is the least bit shocking to me, considering that the scene was absolutely ridiculous when I was watching it play out during the episode last night. The more I thought about it, I started to realize that these guys must run a terrible tow truck company because they’re constantly getting their keys stolen, or getting caught by the person whose vehicle they’re trying to repo, or getting assaulted! 

Apparently there’s no such thing as a boring day at Tremont Towing.

…feel free to use that one on the house, TruTV… 8)

Yeah, I get that these TV shows have to be edited to show the highlights because otherwise most days at pretty much any job are likely going to be pretty boring. I guess I just wish that more of these shows were actually neat glimpses into a world that we wouldn’t otherwise see as opposed to over-dramatized garbage that’s produced solely because it’s super cheap compared to regular scripted TV. I wouldn’t mind the pawn shop show where most of the time it’s just highlighting the weird stuff that comes in and every once in a while we see the crazy person … because I’m sure that they do get crazy people from time to time, and the same goes for every setting whether we’re exterminating snakes or towing cars or picking through people’s junk piles…

The thing is, if I wanted to watch something that had been completely scripted, I’d just watch regular TV. Except that I can’t. Because your stupid show about a tow truck driver getting forced inside a giant bouncy ball that eventually gets thrown into oncoming traffic is on instead.


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