sick puppy (photograph not available)

Normally this is where I would insert a cute picture of my ever-growing little puppy, but today is not a day for cute pictures because she’s sick.

Granted, she’d still look cute in said pictures … most likely too cute, in fact, that you probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. The combination of too cute/feeling sorry for sick puppy is likely more than any of us could bear in a photographic setting, so for this time I’m just going to save the lot of us the hassle and just use my meager words…

Cleo got pink eye over the weekend.

We were pretty lax on Sunday, mostly just laying around playing video games after my in-laws headed back home. Cleo slept a lot and we didn’t really think much of it because she had a 4-legged companion to play with for the last couple of days, but we did notice that she seemed to be getting an unusual quantity of eye boogers while she slept … like literally one of us was wiping them away every 30 minutes! By the end of the day, we started to notice that her one eye was getting pretty pink and eventually she started pawing at it, too, so we knew that something was up.

So yesterday afternoon I took her to the vet and bizarrely enough, I learned that apparently dogs can get allergies just like people do! It was news to me, but the doctor said that between the pink eye and how she’s been licking her paws (among other areas) a lot, this is about the age when they’d start to develop that sort of stuff, so there you go.

We left with about $40 worth of special shampoos, along with an antiseptic spray for her paws and some crazy ointment for her eyes which she really doesn’t like much at all! I’ve never really had to deal much with allergies – I think my sister has some, but I either avoided it or just used excess quantities of Kleenex to get me through the season. Not sure how it works with dogs, though – I’ve yet to see her pickup a Kleenex without shredding it, so I guess we’ll just have to see where things go once the pink eye goes away…  🙁

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