Garden Updates – Progress?!?


I do say that it looks like things are finally starting to move along once again! Apparently allowing the stagnant water to drain from the pots actually did do some good, and I’ve also learned that the holes serve to help aerate the soil as well … so there you go! On top of that, I also just casually picked a bunch of the dead leaves and pieces out of the cucumber pot last weekend and within a matter of days, it seems to be doing a whole lot better, so I guess that one was just waiting for me to cut off the dead weight so that it could focus on growth once again! 😯

I’m also starting to feel a lot more hopeful about when to expect actual edible results – I did some reading and found that tomatoes should be expected 45-75 days from transplanting, and about 4-6 weeks for cucumbers, which considering that I relocated them around the end of February would put those time frames hopefully landing somewhere at the end of April. And granted they might still need a bit of padding, especially for the cucumbers which were doing great and then got eaten prematurely, but hey, at least they’re starting to grow big, green leaves again and as far as I’m concerned, that’s probably a good thing…

In other news, I was looking through seeds while I was waiting for them to mix paint for me at Lowe’s the other day, so I guess I’m starting with some new seedlings! The relatively vacant soil on either side is red and green peppers, respectively, whereas the sprouts down the middle are some marigolds that our insurance company randomly mailed us. I’m not really big on flowers, but Sara’s not much of a green leafy fan, so I decided to toss some of these in the middle and see what they do.


I’m not really sure what I want to do with some of this stuff long term, but I suppose I’ll just wait and see what actually grows before making any pressing decisions. I wanted to try the peppers this time because I honestly don’t eat that many tomatoes and cucumbers – that just happened to be what was in the neat, little starter kit that I bought, but I do eat lots of peppers so I thought it’d be neat to grow something that I’ll actually use a bit more. Ultimately I see this becoming a battle of time and space … if it even works … because I could also see me trying onions, strawberries, maybe even some potatoes. I have no idea how much space these things take up or what I can even get away with growing in containers as opposed to the actual ground, but I suppose we’ll see where these all collectively go and then move forward from there.

I’d just really like to see some actual veggies appearing on the vines any day now – it seems like I’ve been doing this forever already!!! :mrgreen:

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