Wolverine vs. Predator – Super Hero Beat Down!

The wife and I saw The Wolverine last night and it was … so-so, I suppose. Not amazing, not terrible – just kind of middle of the road, which admittedly doesn’t translate to “good” in Hollywood terms.

Anyways, I came across this channel on YouTube this morning and needless to say, I was a little blown away by the production quality as compared to the real, $100 million thing last night! It’s crazy to see how a handful of guys with computers can rival an entire Hollywood special effects team these days! Seriously, pay attention to how many people are in the credits the next time you watch a movie, and then consider that there are some teams doing videos on YouTube that are steadily gaining speed with a fraction of a fraction of the manpower and costs… 😯

Here are a couple of my favorite, but check out the full channel for 9 full episodes plus lots more!

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