A brief Slush Puppie review…

December 7, 2014 2:44pm
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Saw these at Walmart the other day for a mere 88 cents, and being that it was nearing midnight it was one of those purchases that you just make – no questions asked.

Turns out, I probably should’ve asked a few questions, such as how does this thing actually freeze?!

The instructions on the back were pretty simple – just freeze and enjoy – so here I assumed that there was something in the composition of the slush that keeps it at that slushy, non-frozen state that we all fondly remember of our beloved Slush Puppies, however that was totally not the case because after throwing it in the freezer over night when we got home, the next day I found that it was basically … solid as a rock.


Next attempt was to toss it into the fridge, but by the time I circled around to it again, it was cold and completely liquid again.

I finally drank it last night by putting it in the freezer and timing it in 15-minute increments until it was kinda starting to freeze, but not out of an otherwise drinkable state, and that worked, but it was way too much work to ever actually do again. The cherry flavor was spot on from my childhood memories, but preparation was a pain in the ass. Truth be told – I have no idea how Slush Puppies are kept slushy … maybe it was because the machine was constantly churning or some other magic…

Either way, let it be confirmed that said magic cannot be replicated by an 88-cent pouch one purchases at Walmart. 🙁

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