Dream Journal : Alligators, Science Experiments, and Wine…

Three dreams in one!!!

We were in a factory/laboratory-type setting and the wall is lined with giant fish tanks … but they’re not super-sized, reinforced fish tanks – just really big versions of the same fish tanks people typically have in their homes.

This is important because inside the tanks were alligators!

I was talking to one of the science guys when the first tank started to crack. He just turned to me and said, “Run!” an instant before the water … and its lizardy contents … came wooshing down the wall and rapidly towards us.

* * *

Sara and I were traveling and we were at the end of a long trip. Money was getting short, so I was looking over our balances trying to figure out where I could pull money from so we didn’t have to compromise before we got home.

Panic arose when after enjoying a nice dinner with friends in a random restaurant, the waitress brought the bill and it was $250.

We looked back over what we’d gotten and it didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary until she pointed out that the bottle of wine we had picked out was $180.

I went and talked to the owner, and asked if she would take a check, but she said because our card had been declined it would have to be a cashier’s check. (huh???) I told her that there was no way I could get a cashier’s check because we were traveling from another country, and she finally agreed to accept cash from an ATM instead.

I just had to find an ATM…

* * *

It was sort of like a return to high school – it started with seeing an old friend, but soon it evolved into some sort of weird chemistry/cooking class where we had to turn food into … something.

I figured that the teacher didn’t have very high expectations because it was only the first class, yet I started getting worried when everyone else but me starting producing results. One kid had this weird glowy electric man made out of french toast, another had turned a package of chicken fingers into a gourmet meal.

Much like the others, this one never really got resolved and the dream ended with me stumped as to how I could make something amazing out of the pile of food and electronics that had been laid out in front of me.

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