Dream Journal : Apocalyptic Priorities

March 22, 2014 11:10am
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It started off like any other dream – me and a friend unknowingly found ourselves on a water slide in Northern Michigan. It was a really strange “slide” where at first we were looking down at this undulating shape that splashed swimmers around, and then before we knew what was happening, somehow the wave splashed up at us and we were suddenly riding the wave like everyone else in their bathing suits…

…except that we weren’t in our bathing suits, and I remember being more than a little concerned about my phone getting wet…

Once we finally made it down to dry land, surprisingly dry ourselves considering that in theory we’d just been on a water slide of sorts, we had to go back to a nearby restaurant because I’d realized that I’d left a Kindle or something behind. There were four of us total, and when we went inside and got told to take a seat at a booth after retrieving my lost device, that’s when we got the feeling that something was wrong.

The dream itself never really spelled out what exactly was wrong, but after waiting a long time for our drinks in this eerily quiet restaurant and feeling a bit held captive, we finally decided that we had to go…

But apparently not before raiding our captor’s bitchin’ NES collection!

Again, not really sure how we were being held captive or who was even holding us captive, but in this big race to escape, I remember passing by an NES hooked up to a small TV with a sizable box full of games … and so in feeling due reparations for said alleged hostage taking, I took their games in return. Because you know, when fleeing for your life, the first thing that comes to mind is always, “I wonder if they have any games that I don’t have.”

Promptly upon seizing said box, however, that’s when the pursuit truly began, and with my view then changing to that of the classic Super Mario Bros side-scroller, complete with SMB3 Bowser chasing us across the landscape, that’s also when we officially decided that it was time to go!

No word on whether we escaped, or what apocalyptic thing had happened, or even if there were any sweet titles in our find, but there was definitely plenty of fire breathed in our direction from the big man … so maybe they were actually his games that we were effectively stealing???

King Koopa never can catch a break, I tell yeah…

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