New Disney Pics … FINALLY!!!

So with all of the pregnancy craziness goings on, we haven’t really been over to Disney … since before Christmas, in fact … which is a long time for our family in general, but even more so as of late when you consider that I recently started writing for the Touring Plans blog.

…and by writing, I mean that I’ve written a whopping one article for them so far and that was more than a month ago…  😕

Fortunately for me, they’d definitely like me to write more, however with considerations taken first for bed rest in general and then especially this last week after having visited the hospital on multiple occasions without notice, it wouldn’t really make me a very responsible husband/future-father if I was two hours away at a theme park when the wife suddenly found that she needed to go back … but thankfully an opportunity surfaced yesterday with all of Sara’s family in town for her baby shower which unexpectedly gave me a chance to dart over to Orlando for the afternoon to snap some pictures for the next handful of articles that have been tumbling around my head that I otherwise haven’t been able to move forward with sans photos.

I ended up spending about six hours running around between Downtown Disney and Epcot, and even though it was a little weird doing so without the wife, admittedly it was a lot more running than stopping to enjoy things, so chances are she probably had a better time eating cake with her feet up and getting showered with gifts, anyways! 😉

Anywho, here’s a sample of some of my favorites – keep your eyes peeled over here for more in the near future…









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