Dream Journal : Off the Deep End…

So last night I dreamed that I drove off a bridge, and lived.

It was supposedly the Mackinac Bridge, but it had some distinct characteristics that were nothing like that. The big one was that the highway leading up to the bridge was very steep, to the point where it was hard to control your speed going onto the bridge. Apparently that was my problem.

There also may have been a drawbridge involved, and where I went over was surprisingly shallow because when they got me out, I could still see my car for quite a while before it disappeared.

Anyways, I was going down the highway and I came to a part of the road where apparently a logging truck had had some issues earlier because there were logs spread all over the road … yet they weren’t enough to stop your car like you would think. The logs mostly just acted as speed bumps and put me on edge for what was next to come.

Around the turn past the logs, I found myself coming down the hill very fast – so I guess the pseudo-speed bumps didn’t work after all. I swerved a lot as I made it onto the bridge, and not 15 seconds later, it was all over.

I don’t remember the impact itself, or even how I got out. I awoke in a hospital bed, but it was somehow close enough that I could get up and run over to see my car pointed down in the water with the trunk still sticking out. Ironically, that’s when I started to really panic because I wanted to know what was being done about my stuff – I had been traveling alone, but had some important things with me. Surprisingly by the edge of the bridge was a bag or something that had somehow been retrieved, but it wasn’t much.

I started to cry when I realized that the latest book that I had just finished was on a flash drive in my laptop bag … which was now lost.

After watching the back end finally slip under the water and wondering what my insurance was going to think of the whole thing, I let the people guide me back to my bed to rest. When I woke up later, I ended up meeting up with an old friend from another job who now worked salvage for somebody near the water and she showed me this weird underwater vacuum that we might be able to use to get my things. We tried directing it from the controls to my car and after some work, a very soggy gym back came dropping out of the chute, which gave me a glimmer of hope. She was going to keep working on it, and told me that after such an accident, I really needed to be resting in bed.

One of the last things that I watched before going to bed last night was the latest episode of Shark Tank that included a “treasure hunter” who was looking for an investment to build an underwater vacuum for him to suck up some lost ore or something off the bottom of the ocean … no idea where the bridge came from, though!

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