Positive Pranking

I’m not always the biggest fan of pranks. I mean, I guess it depends on what the prank is – if it’s relatively harmless and the pranksters are good sports about it afterwards, then that’s one thing, but if it’s just for shock value and only one party is laughing at the end of it … kind of like most of the pranking videos that are popular on YouTube. 

Filling someone’s cubicle at work with balloons from floor to ceiling? – FUNNY

Dumping a bucket of worms on somebody’s face while they’re sleeping? – JUST BEING A DICK

I mean, don’t get me wrong – there have certainly been late nights when I’ve stayed up watching more of those videos than I’m proud to admit because for some morbid reason I just can’t look away, but if I ever woke up to Sara standing over me with an electric razor in one hand and the majority of my hair in the other, let’s post it on YouTube! wouldn’t exactly be the first thought on my agenda!

Now all of this is said, mind you, because tonight I stumbled onto a very different kind of pranking video … in fact, one devoted to giving the homeless a night of luxury that most could never dream of, and just between you and me, the whole thing was pretty darned cool… 😉

Along those same lines, they also had one where they surprised an unsuspecting waitress with the best shift ever, and if you think that it stops at just a fat stack of tips, well, start your engines and watch the video to stand enthusiastically corrected!


For more about Break’s Prank It Fwdcheck out their site – all in all it’s a pretty great concept and I didn’t even have to worry about a bucket of snakes getting dumped on my head or anything… 😛

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