Dream Journal : Quiet on the Set

So apparently I was working on a movie, and I must’ve had a fairly important role because I was randomly present on the set for a day of shooting and everyone was surprisingly nice to me!

Maybe I wrote the movie or something … I guess that would kind of making sense?

Anyways, my Dad was visiting for the day, just basically sitting in a chair at the end of a long table underneath a tent watching everyone running around doing stuff, and I was coming by to see how things were going.

Matt Damon was the star of the movie, who was very nice and very cool to my Dad, and was described as saying, “I’ve got all sorts of signed bumper stickers that I’ve got coming at your head!” Matt was actually sitting at the table a few feet down, and smiled and nodded when I walked up.

Sam Raimi was the director, or at least the guy who I always confuse as Sam Raimibecause he walked up holding a camera and I said to him, “Hey, Sam…” like it was no big deal.

Then I turned around for the real reason that I had walked over – someone had wheeled in a gigantic row of shelves full of tapes, and various staffers were already browsing them, seemingly grumbling so. I scanned the shelves for a minute and picked out two that I had come in search for – they weren’t regular VHS tapes, but more like those larger tape cartridges like computers used to use.

Then I turned back to my Dad and chuckled as I told him, “Isn’t it sad that the only reason all of this is going in the movie now is because of that sexual harassment charge?”

I didn’t say the next part, but I got the distinct feeling that *I* was the one with said charge… 😯

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