Dream Journal : Senior High, Revisited

It started off as the first day of my senior year of high school.

Except apparently in this version of high school you actually registered for classes on your first day instead of well in advance … sort of … I’m not really sure! I had somehow gotten a list of where I was supposed to go emailed to me in advance, so I waited in line with everyone else for a line bit and then randomly just stopped doing that and went to my first “class” instead.

Which was where things started getting weird because as I went to sit down on one of the plush, cushy sofas that filled the “classroom” for this particular “class,” I noticed either my ex-girlfriend or my current girlfriend … it was really unclear which she was, only that I both wanted to talk to her and wanted to avoid her at the same time!

So yeah, pretty much my high school experience in a nutshell.

Aside from that, what was really weird about “the class” was that although it started out being something about some horror movie that I had no interest in, it turned out to be this really cool class about film studies that apparently was highly coveted among students. The guy’s presentation ended with him saying something like, “On average, 33 of 35 of our students graduate with A’s in this class, and it’s going to fill up in about 30 seconds … so good luck with that!”

By the time the presentation was over, I had somehow transported to the front of the class to see things better, but when I turned to see the girl I had been avoiding, she had already left with whatever friends she was there with.

The school seemed to transform a lot throughout this experience, as at one point I found myself wandering into a boy scout meeting that was apparently using one of the rooms in the school, although I quickly left after looking around and realizing that I knew absolutely no one in the troop that was doing their thing.

Even in dream world, going to a scout meeting felt very uncool and I tried to make sure that nobody saw me leaving as I did! 😛

The school continued to change and it soon seemed like I found myself more in a shopping mall/arcade than it did a high school. I don’t think I even went to anymore “classes” at this point, instead just wandering around looking for the girl. At one point I passed a candy store that had these little pumpkin truffles for sale, which I passed on and then was immediately reminded that they were pumpkin by one of my classmates, so apparently some things like that will follow you anywhere!

There was also a random stint where I went to check out my locker, which was weird for a number of reasons … one, because apparently I was right next to Sara, though we weren’t in a relationship or anything that I could tell and I was more surprised that she had a locker next to me because our names weren’t near each other alphabetically and she went to a different school anyways! Two, I was pissed because they were super-smaller than ever, and for mine in that little drawer up top where you can keep books, there was an air conditioning unit taking up the entire space, so I was just SOL there. And third, when I finally noticed just how thin the lockers were – ours weren’t up against a wall, but instead free-standing in the middle of a room – they were only maybe 6″ across for both lockers on either side.

The locker scene ended when a couple of bimbos got in a fight in the next row over and knocked the stupid lockers over altogether. It didn’t really phase me because mine was too small to be of use anyways…

Back on the hunt, after walking through an arcade area that looked really cool, though I didn’t stop because I still wanted to find this girl and either ask her what was up or chew her out … I wasn’t really sure … finally a particularly bitchy girl came running up and said that she’d just saw her, but didn’t want to tell me where she was. I eventually got it out of her and ended up making an entire lap around the place without ever seeing her. It wasn’t until I circled back around to the arcade again when I was just about ready to give up and play some games instead, that I finally found her, but she was laughing and playing games and having a good time with the people she was with, I ended up just letting go and walking away.

On my way out of the complex towards the buses or whatever, there was a very vast and open sandy area that we had to walk across. I was randomly walking with a bunch of other kids, and then I noticed these strange things buried just underneath the surface in between random patches of grass in the sand. Another kid stepped on one, and a huge snake popped out of the ground – maybe a foot long or more, but very thick and palish white looking (i.e. creepy) – yet he just sort of laughed as he threw it to the side while it tried to bite him. A moment later, I stepped on one, too, but it just hit my pants leg and bounced off harmlessly.

As we continued walking out, the crowd quickly slimmed to I don’t know where until it was just me and a bunch of huge semis pulling away – apparently they actually held the arcade that we’d seen and were already packed up to move on to the next school.

Fade to black. 🙄

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