I Enjoy the Comedy of Hannibal Buress

June 14, 2014 2:55pm
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51u01v4MD1L._SL500_AA280_[1]When I’m not listening to The Sounds of the ’80s on Pandora, my other channel of preference is comedy and Hannibal’s tracks seem to show up a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to Thumbs Up his stuff when it comes on without risking putting the car into a ditch – depending on which track it is, I don’t necessarily like him that much, but he’s still a funny fellow and there’s been more than one pizza run in the last couple of months where I’ve exhausted all of my Next button clicks in search of his comedy that never comes.

Well, the other day I finally remembered that you can actually buy albums to listen to, too, so I did that with two of Hannibal’s albums and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gotten at least $19.98 worth of comedy out of those two purchases thus far.

Some of my favorite lines:

  • “I didn’t know that about myself until today, but I don’t hang out with anybody that quotes rape statistics.”
  • “There’s no such thing as sippable bomb water – you’re being silly right now!”
  • “They asked me if I wanted to go perform for the troops in Afghanistan … no! Do the troops have YouTube? I’ve got a bunch of shit on YouTube…”
  • “Oh, man – I’ve gotta … get a team. I don’t have a team, I just have … friends.”
  • “I was so caught up in the euphoria of having all of that apple juice that for a minute I lived in this world where racism didn’t exist…”

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