Dream Journal : Weird Randomness, Part 2

I was on a cruise ship with some friends … and we were in our car … because apparently this was a boat where you could do that. And we were kind of lost driving up and down the ramps of the parking garage decks on the boat trying to position ourselves to be the first ones off the boat, except that we couldn’t get down to the deck where the ramp to land was because I guess they blocked it off while we were at sea.

The wife was going out dancing with friends … which is something that she normally doesn’t do … and there was a red dress involved … and, well … va-va-voom! 😯

The baby was born, and he was super small, and I was holding him … and then suddenly I wasn’t! I frantically looked to the floor because I thought that I had dropped him, but it turned out that Sara had just snatched him out of my arms real quick. Needless to say, I was mad because I had kind of panicked, and we had a little shouting match over not doing that again…

A short while later, Sara was sitting down to feed the baby – we had a bunch of people at the house, but they didn’t really play a role in the scene – and I sat down next to her, and when I went to take him after she was done feeding, I couldn’t help but notice that he was bigger than before – like, a lot bigger! Think previous dream was like just the size to fit in two hands, and by the time he was done breastfeeding maybe half an hour later, he was nearly two feet long. I had a feeling that something was wrong! 😕

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