Thank goodness I’m sick!

…or else I wouldn’t have had the excuse to lay around in bed playing this cool, little flash game all day!


Or at least I think it’s flash. Might be HTML5 or something – I dunno the specifics behind it, but it reminds me of all of the great, little games that Just Laugh used to help promote for the likes of nStorm and KewlBox … nice and simple, that you can play with 10 seconds of instructions, and yet are so incredibly addictive that you find yourself playing 1,000 times in a row until your wife finally comes in just to find out what that weird, bouncing noise is from… 😉

Of course, with this one it doesn’t help that the game was developed by my web host, who just so happens to be offering $50 cash money to anyone who can beat the high score! Funny how many other things I could be doing to earn $50 right now instead of this … except that I’m sick, so there… 😛

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