Giving Verizon FiOS Credit Where Credit Is Due…

Admittedly I’ve had a lot of frustrations with Verizon lately regarding on demand services, direct marketing, and general bill creep, but this is still notable from a tech geek’s perspective.

I got an email from them a couple of days ago asking if I wanted to join their new rewards program! It sounded kinda stupid and I have no desire to interact with Verizon other than getting my TV & Internet services and paying for my TV & Internet services, but I ended up filling out the form anyways because of a little note at the bottom suggesting that random members would be selected for a free speed upgrade to make one’s upload speed match their download speed!

Alrighty then!!!

So my old speed was 50/25, which seemed fine enough for what we use on a daily basis, but here’s the new test:


For comparison’s sake, here are a few previous tests that I’ve gotten through FiOS over the years…




That last one was from the last house we were renting that admittedly had shitty wiring, and I think it was a 25/25 package anyways, which then got upgraded to 50/25 when we moved due to a stupid issue with how Verizon handles moving.

There’s still part of me that’s tempted to pay the extra couple of bucks to bump it up to a whopping 75/75, although with my current agreement just expiring and them being pretty stingy on what promotional offers renewals vs. new customers can get, I might just have to sit and enjoy 50/50 here for a while.

Still, not bad…  8)

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