Scott’s 21st Birthday


  • The Feast!: So yeah, my Mom kind of went all out for my 21st birthday … I came home to find 21 pink plastic flamingos decorating the front lawn, and then this happened!
  • The Lobster: I cooked it myself – ordered his own gruesome, boiling demise – which was and still is sickly kind of amusing.
  • Corona: And I was sort of a beer drinker back then, although it was mostly because I felt like I was supposed to at the time. I think I picked Corona just because it seemed tropical and although I had the maps up on my walls, this was still several years before I would actually pack up and move away to Florida, so it was very much still a pipe dream at that point.
  • Birthday Comix: It’s kind of hard to make out, but on the keyboard towards the left you can see one of the very first comics that my sister and I did together years before Ink, Paint & Tears… actually came to be. It was a little four-part series we did for Just Laugh called Our Loser Friends – my friend Matt and I who ran the site wrote the series as Two Guys from Nowhere and Lori did the artwork under Loriginal Comix.
  • Jam Session: I have no idea why there is not one, but two boomboxes in this photo. I guess my Mom just throws that kind of party! :mrgreen:

Bonus Photo…


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