The Original Office


  • More Monkey!: Same poster as seen before moved with me into my new office, which essentially consisted of me crudely cutting a hole in the wall and knocking out the stud in the middle so that I could get from the room where my bed was into this new office space that I had annexed for myself. By this point I had pretty much taken over the entire basement of the house, turning it into sort of my own makeshift apartment during my college years before I left.
  • On the Printer: The cover to my final project for college – a journal written after we took a week-long class trip down to the Everglades to study nature and ecology and all that jazz! I ended up posting the thing online and also printing out a few copies for close friends – you can find it here for the time being, in all of its 2002 Scott’s Sense of Humor glory!
  • Felt Figment!: I actually have that laying around here somewhere, too, because I grabbed it the last time we were up to visit – I think I got that my very first trip to Disney World, which would’ve been like 1982??? I keep saying that I want to properly frame it, but then I never do.
  • Sea Life, Framed: I want to say that maybe that was a gift from my Dad at some point? All it is is a big sheet of fabric wrapped around a wood frame, but it was BIG and I needed something to fill space on the wall, so there you go!

Also noteworthy:

  • I seriously feel cold just looking at that photo! Living in the basement meant that it was cool in the spring and summer, and absolutely freezing anytime else…  😕

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