Searching … for something…

So admittedly this blog doesn’t exactly have scads of traffic, but having thousands of posts results in people occasionally wandering by … sometimes via some pretty bizarre search terms!

Every now and then I pull up Google Analytics just to see how people are finding this site, and the general weirdness never ceases to amaze me. These were some of my favorites that stood out so far this year…

  • shower heads
  • bronies creep me out
  • air humping dog gif   <— Wait, what now???
  • amc cartoon porn
  • big pink ham gum   <— Futurama, anyone?
  • deceptive pizza photography
  • giant slug near seattle
  • how many calories in cardboard
  • kevin smith cake pop
  • my friend showing off his new tv thinks his picture is great but it sucks soap opera effect
  • remove me from sears mailing list   <— LOL, I’m not the only one!
  • save the god damn frogs!
  • sex videos i can download using broadband internet on my phone
  • teeheehee boobies   <— Ahhhhh, maturity…

As for internal search on the site, it was a much closer race. The two search terms that tied for the one and only place in this category??? pornbot and nastysex … no idea why because neither of those terms returns any results, but maybe it’s a hint as to how I could be better tailoring my writing in the future?!  🙄

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