Security Images, a la Carte

So the Rooms to Go billpay website made me setup one of those stupid image authentication thingys today for our account. I typically just pick whatever random one my mouse lands on, but low and behold what icon jumped out at me this time in the lower left-hand corner…


Is that the LiveJournal icon – the logo for my beloved blogging home of yesteryear???


Now I know what you’re thinking – what kind of lazy programmer would just lift a company’s logo to toss in with their catalog of security images?

But it’s cool – flip the page and they actually did the same thing with Reddit and MySpace and a bunch of others, too!


Spoiler: I didn’t actually pick that great white shark, but in hindsight I kind of wish I would have – he sure looks like he could keep a phishing scammer at bay! 😛

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