Shit just got REAL, son…


…because a mere 87 days from today, I’m going to have one here of my very own!

Wow. 😯

So tonight we went and toured the hospital where it’s all going to go down in less than three months – saw the place where I’ll frantically pull up to the curb, the front desk where they’ll come in with the wheelchair to whisk her away, the uncomfortable-looking fold-out couch where I’ll be sleeping there in the room with my wife and my new son the first night after he’s born. They explained pretty much everything from where we go if she ends up doing a c-section and where we just sort of hang out otherwise until she’s ready to poop this thing out the old-fashioned way.

Apparently there’s a jacuzzi tub, you know, just in case she feels like enjoying a little bubbly amidst all of the baby-creating chaos!

Needless to say, tonight was definitely one of those nights when I felt it get a little more real for me. Picking the name, buying Christmas presents, watching him get a little bigger every couple of weeks that we go in for more ultrasounds – all have been fairly significant in the great build, but the rush of seeing where the big day will take place is going to be a pretty big one to contend with!

In a way, it seems a little weird to have planning out this much – maybe just because most of my baby making history I know from TV and the movies where the guy frantically races to the hospital, wherein as far as I’ve heard lately, we might even be scheduling our baby’s delivery, much like you would make plans to go out to dinner or to take in a moving picture show later that evening.

Then again, my wife frequently comments that I don’t do well with change, so I suppose if there’s anything that we can to do reduce just a smidge the general insanity to be expected when d-day finally does arrive, it probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all!

…though just between you and me, there are certain parts of this change that I’m actually kind of terrifyingly looking forward to… 😉

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