The Simpsons Collectible Minifigs – second look!


(via IGN)

The list is finally out – so how did my predictions do???

7 out of 16 for pass #1, and pretty much just Itchy and Scratchy from #2. And it doesn’t really surprise me that they ended up including the full family as the first five minifigs, either. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to lead the series with a $200 set – as much as I want it myself, I haven’t exactly dropped the change on it yet, either, but every time that I look at the minifigs included with that set, all I can do is shake my head at their stoned eyes.

At least it looks like they got it right for the CMF series, though. Now it’s just a matter of when these will actually start appearing in stores … because not for nothing, but I’ve had some terrible luck lately with my own local Walmart and Target stores keeping them on the shelves, and when they do have them, they’ve clearly been picked over something fierce on account of all the duplicates that I’ve been experiencing as of late.

Not that having duplicates of The Simpsons would be the worst thing in the world, mind you, but still, money doesn’t grow on trees and I don’t exactly have a trillion dollar bill handy to drop in order to complete a full set! 😉

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