Babies ‘R Us is Awesome


This afternoon we spent roughly 4 hours at our local Babies ‘R Us.

This afternoon we saved $1,080.89 completing out our baby registry, so all in all I think it was a worthwhile use of our time!!! :mrgreen:

The staff at our local store was awesome in spending as much time as it took with us to finish everything that we wanted to do, and by the end of it all we had applied an average of 40% in various discounts across the multiple orders it took to get there!

(a few items were either out of stock or online only, so in addition to checking us out, they helped us to place those online orders as well to make sure that the same discounts carried over across the whole lot)

Packed Sara’s car from front to back, with thankfully the largest items either getting delivered straight to the house (with free shipping!) or shipped to the store where I can go pick them up when the car’s not quite as thoroughly packed. As you can see above, we had a whopping two shopping carts overflowing by the time we were done this afternoon!

But I think we should be just about done with the shopping for now – got the crib and dresser coming, rocking chair is on its way as another gift, playpen, car seat, diaper dumpster thingy, a really cool play pad where he lays on his back on the back of a whale – so much stuff, and right now it’s all piled in the middle of our family room until I finish painting the nursery and we can start putting it all away.

I was also pretty pleased that I was able to slip in a couple of new Lego sets for me, too, because hey – that baby’s not the only kid around here who loves toys around here! 😉

Anywho, once again – MAJOR major kudos to Cindy and Jasmine at Babies ‘R Us for taking the time to help make our baby shopping spree extravaganza so spectacularly successful. We were told when we first setup our registry last fall that it was possible to stack coupons in order to maximize our discounts to pick up whatever was leftover after the shower, but I never would’ve expected this…

Babies ‘R Us Baby Registry Completion Coupon – 10%
Toys ‘R Us Friends & Family Discount Mailer – 20% (just started today)
Toys ‘R Us Credit Card Application Reward – 15% (day of application only)
Grand Total – 45% off!!!

And scanning back through the veritable book of receipts that we have shows that there were even a few items that were discounted another 25-35% before our other discounts were considered, so wow!!!

One note I will offer for anyone who finds this post and does their best to beat our discount (post a comment if you do!), the percentages aren’t taken off the total altogether, but are applied to each item, in order, so instead of this:

$10 Random Baby Thing
45% off item = $10 – $4.50 = $5.50
$5.50 Sale Price

You actually end up with this:

$10 Random Baby Thing
20% off item = $10 – $2 = $8
15% off item = $8 – $1.20 = $6.80
10% off item = $6.80 – $0.68 = $6.12
$6.12 Sale Price

Now I certainly wasn’t going to quibble over the math when you considered that we still pretty much made out like bandits, especially considering that they had a special sale on breastfeeding stuff for buy 1, get 1 50% off that was a nice little chunk of change by itself for this new, apparently Medela-branded family … but it’s just something to keep in mind when you’re doing your numbers because it probably ended up being an extra hundred bucks in the grand scheme of things when the purchase price of everything was close to $3,000 for us.

Plus we’ve even got another $200 coming back to us in rebates for 10% of the total items bought against our registry by everyone, not just us … so needless to say, Babies ‘R Us has probably earned our business for a while even if it sometimes is a little more expensive than Walmart or Target. Not today, though – that’s for sure!

What do you know – I grew up, and it seems that I still get to be a Toys ‘R Us kid after all! Not too shabby… 😉


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