Dream Journal : Random Notions … Close, But Not Quite

I wanted to share this one not for the crazy, bizarro story line that most of these dream posts have, but instead just because I thought it was interesting to see so many appearances that were correct “in face only,” but so completely missed the mark as far as timelines and personalities are concerned… 😕

I had written two applications for work. One had been handed off to another guy, while the second I still maintained myself. I had just recently discovered a small problem with both – one, the guy had linked to one of my personal websites on the site’s Links page, which I had to politely ask him to remove as being non-professional, and the other had something worse that apparently I had to sneak into somewhere to resolve without anybody knowing.

It was kind of like a classroom setting, and the lady in charge who I was trying to evade looked a lot like one of the teachers from my elementary school. She eventually walked in on me in the middle of what I was doing because I had gotten sidetracked, but she didn’t really care and didn’t have the slightest idea what I was doing anyways…

Then … it was Christmastime!

We were celebrating Christmas at my parents’ house, who were still together.

My Dad was particularly proud of this gigantic turkey sandwich that I found in the fridge. Like seriously, the slices of bread were the size of sheet cakes, and it had been cut into halves at that, so when my Mom pulled out a mere sample to show me, the half of the sandwich filled her arms completely.

I was with Sara, though it was hard to tell for how long because we weren’t quite as comfortable together. She was apparently still living with her parents, as was I, because at one point we flashed over to her place and it was a large, basement bedroom much like mine, with shag carpeting and a couch. She also had a fridge, which strangely enough matched the carpeting because it had shag attached to the front, and I was a little bit jealous of that.

Back at my parents’ house, it was time to open presents. I had gotten Sara this collection of old Disney movies (on VHS) that had like 8 different movies in one giant pack … though it was the size of a fold-out DVD case and not huge like the VHS tapes would actually require in real life. Her and my Mom were going through them as she pointed out which ones she didn’t already have, which good on me was most of them.

For my Mom, I had gotten her a CD of Disney songs, to which she asked where all of the other ones were because the disc was numbered 107 or something and she only had the first couple of discs in her collection.

Among other gifts, Sara got me this homemade candy log thing thing that was covered in frosting and filled with peanut butter cream. It was awesome.

Our relationship must’ve been going fairly well because among her gifts was a small box that I knew contained her engagement ring, though she always seemed to open a different gift so we never really addressed that part. I was very nervous and got up about four times to go into the other room while I waited, and I seemed to have a piece of paper in my pocket with a speech or something written on it, but I wasn’t sure if I had the guts to say it or not.

Cleo was there, although she was much smaller, along with two other dogs that were possibly Lori’s dogs? The owner of all three was unclear because I discovered them by noticing a leash stuck in the front door, and opening it I found one of my cousins sitting against the front step playing with one of the dogs.

At one point, Lori and James also came over for Christmas hand in hand. Madelyn was already at the house with my Mom, though it also wasn’t clear who her owner was because they just walked by her when they came in.

Eventually I found us walking downtown around a little park that was bustling with people, and it was very green and sunny out despite it being Christmas day. My Mom had all sorts of people who she wanted to introduce me to, and at one point she was talking with my uncles about some classic car that was supposed to be mine, though I’d never actually driven it yet.

The open space kind of looked like a cemetery, but not really.

I finally woke up as it became clear that the engagement ring plot point wasn’t going to take place, for reasons unknown, though the girlfriend and I hadn’t had a falling out or anything … it just never got addressed.

That was a weird Christmas.

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