This seems like it deserves its own blog post…

So yeah, this happened last night!!! 😀

It was kind of wild because we were just driving along and suddenly Sara made a comment about him kicking. She does this a lot, and then I hold my hand there for like 10 minutes, and absolutely nothing happens, and to be honest it’s gotten a little disheartening because I hear about Cleo having kicking matches with him when they’re laying in bed and she’s curled up against Sara’s belly, and yet I’ve yet to feel even the slightest tremor.

Until last night…

It was just the softest tap in the middle of my hand, whereas she mentioned feeling it across her whole abdomen … which I suppose probably makes a little more sense when one considers that he’s actually living inside of her and all!

But it was just a single, tiny kick, and yet it was enough to make my night after a very tiring afternoon of trying to convince myself that I was in shape enough to carry boxes to help my sister-in-law move.

Just one little, itty-bitty kick… 😉

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