So where to begin???

Apparently we were on a trip to Disney World with some friends and family – we started off in a park that was kind of like but not actually the Magic Kingdom, and we found ourselves getting separated a lot.

One ride that we went on had you sitting individually in a car that went under the water, meaning that you got wet, and it had different sections of the ride where you’d ride for a bit then get out and wait in line some more. Not everyone went on this one because my Dad wasn’t able to, and I found myself separated from the group and melded into another couple of guys’ group instead.

Somehow I guess one of the guys knew an Imagineer who worked there and that guy suddenly showed up and whisked us all away to an area off stage where he was showing off whatever he was working on at the time … yet for some reason I got the impression that it wasn’t exactly a sanctioned Disney project, but more like he was just doing his own thing on company time!

Eventually we wandered back to the queue and skipped ahead of everyone else in line to jump into the next boat to get soaked once again and finish the ride. When we got off and went our separate ways, I was in the process of trying to figure out where everyone else had went when I ran into someone I knew from camp and got in line for some safari ride with him … until we caught up with the rest of his buddies – whom I couldn’t stand – and bowed out to go find the rest of my own family & friends…

By the time I found everyone, it was starting to rain really hard and they wanted to go back to the hotel to take a break.

The hotel was weird because our “room” ended up being more like a cabin tent – very similar to the ones we stayed in at scout camp, but much, much larger – and there we hung out for a while until the group began bickering among itself about whether to go back to the park or not because some felt they’d be wasting $100 admission by only going for a few hours and missing out on the evening fireworks.

I eventually got tired of the arguing and left on my own to go wander and explore the resort a bit, which was apparently all decorated up for the holidays – in particular, there were tons of Legos and Christmas decorations everywhere. The resort also seemed to have a lot of tiny passages which made them hard for guests to traverse, and as a result there were several of the more themed areas that weren’t at all packed with people.

At one point I wandered into a staging area for a short karaoke show that they were going to do, which didn’t really interest me in the slightest except for behind me in line on the escalator was a guy and his girl … who happened to be a very undercover Nicki Manoj … even though in the dream she was very white, which goes to show you subconsciously how much I actually know about Nicki Manoj!!!

Anyways, the guy she was with was prodding her to enter and sing a quick song, and once I “realized” who she was I jumped onboard and offered to split the massive $12 entry fee with him, so we each paid $6 and she agreed to perform. But then she didn’t … the contest was weird … I don’t really know what happened, but as they were going to leave, I followed behind and awkwardly asked if I could at least get her autograph or something, which apparently made her even more uncomfortable and the two quickly disappeared.

So I continued exploring the resort and gawking at all of the decorations. They had a really cool mini Lego store filled with all sorts of sets I didn’t have, so that was neat. Then I found a small greeting area where kids were getting their pictures taken with Santa, so I broke down and texted my friend to see if they at least wanted to come and meet Santa because there was hardly any line whatsoever.

As I was walking back towards the “tent area,” I got a little lost so I asked a young cast member for directions and she seemed very eager to show me in person where I needed to go. Along the way she pointed out a few things that were slightly in disarray, like they had a couple of huge ice skating rinks that were supposed to be open, but instead they were still filling them with water, and then we passed by a huge bundle of red Christmas lights that had just been left on the sidewalk and never put up…

…and that’s when I pulled her aside and asked her discretely if things at Disney were kind of getting run down lately, which she quickly but nervously agreed to. The girl shared a bit more until one of her bosses walked by and quickly pulled her away, almost as if he knew she was telling me things that she wasn’t supposed to, and I never saw her again.

Then on my way back it suddenly got really weird!

Somebody shot me! But not with a regular gun – instead, this gun had these strange, green, cone-shaped bullets that seemed to hurt even more than a regular bullet, but I pulled it out of my leg and limped back to the tent where my friends and family were, along with a bunch of other random people by that point. It seemed that we represented some sort of unwanted race, like mutants or something, and the green cone-bullets were very deadly to our kind, though I turned out to be fine.

We showed how dangerous they were by throwing a few of them into a nearby dirt pile and each of the cones exploded as they landed, and one guy really pissed me off by jokingly coming at me with one of the cones like he was going to throw it at me.

It was then that I pushed my way to the back of the tent where my family was and announced to everyone that we had to go – now – and you could hear a ruckus outside of something happening. Though it was unclear exactly what, we knew that it couldn’t be anything good and that it probably had something to do with us. When I was packing my backpack to bring, I found a brand new revolver and at first I went to stick it in the back of my jeans, but someone warned that they might search us and I put it in my bag instead … even though my Dad at that point was carrying a rifle or something in plain sight.

Before we had a chance to leave, a sheriff showed up and pushed his way to the back of the tent where we are and after talking, he tried to escort us out. I don’t remember exactly what happened after that point, but I know that it suddenly got very crazy very quick and it soon became clear that we were nowhere near Disney World anymore…

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