Learning is Amazing

June 21, 2015 1:59am
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One of the things that really seems to marvel me so far as a father is watching my son learn things for the very first time.

Like seeing all of the great stuff that he’s been learning in swim class.

Or a few weeks ago when we were walking around Target and I was trying to teach him how to blow to pass time.

Or tonight when I decided to be brave and handed over the spoon for the first time during dinner, only to watch him take several bites all by himself like a big boy!!!

Or, I suppose maybe … learning to walk might also be a good one for the list! 😉

It just amazes me when I stop and think about it … the idea of this little, tiny human who basically started a little over a year ago at zero, and then each day he’s getting a little older, he’s learning everything that he can pick up about the world around him.

I mean, until recently even something as simple as getting dressed has always been a Daddy orchestrated event and yet in the last couple of weeks he’s been helping me put his shirts on by reaching for the arm holes himself … I don’t know, but it’s just the neatest thing to watch him grow and learn and develop tastes and preferences and things that he likes and doesn’t like, and a sense of humor, and even right and wrong … albeit that one’s presently limited to mostly harmless things like biting his parents and hitting the dog, for what it’s worth!

You kind of take for granted learning for yourself, or I suppose it’s just being experienced from the opposite perspective, but to get to see all of that development as he slowly grows into the person that he’s going to be? I didn’t start out writing this intending it to be a father’s day thing, but I suppose it’s kind of appropriate because so far watching Christopher learn has been one of those little treasures for me that nobody tells you about, but it’s just amazing.

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