A Bucket List of Sorts for 2015

June 20, 2015 7:09pm
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Many moons ago I put together a list of My Hopes & Dreams … I was probably in my early twenties when I assembled that list of great things that I’d like to accomplish in this life, and whether or not you can tell that from looking over the list is debatable!

Nonetheless, as times have changed and here I’m another decade older, I found myself in the mood this weekend to put together another list – not necessarily to replace my hopes & dreams of yesteryear, mind you – but more so as a reflection of where I am in this particular moment in time as I look ahead at the years to come.

This time I’ve organized them by category to make everything a bit easier to follow. Also, I suppose you might not necessarily consider this “a bucket list” because the intent certainly isn’t a list of stuff to do before I die, but more just stuff that I’d like to do in the future that sounds like fun. 😀


  • Visit every Disney park around the world (12 total, I’ve visited the 6 in the USA thus far)
  • Visit Europe and spend a month or more soaking in the countryside
    • Specifically visit as many castles as possible
  • Go on a Disney cruise
  • Visit Aulani, the DVC Resort out in Hawaii
  • Make road trips a regular Sevener family excursion, and make them fun
  • Visit more of the natural and historic sites around our state and country, possibly as part of said road trips
  • Rent an RV and travel across the country … even though my wife says I would absolutely hate it


  • Build the house of our dreams early enough so that our kids remember growing up in it
  • Own a pool that’s warm enough for swimming more than two months out of the year
  • Setup a personal arcade in said dream house with arcade cabinets, pinball machines, and a pool table
  • Own a salt water tank … even if it requires paying someone else to maintain it to keep the fish alive

Tech & Geek Stuff

  • Expand my home server into a full rack with proper backups and wired connections to feed the entire house
  • Create a Christmas light display that’s fully programmable via computer
  • Do the same thing with outdoor lighting and landscaping at said awesome dream house
  • Setup a big screen in my office to monitor real time the performance of my websites, books sold, and other fun stats


  • Build a collection of every NES and SNES game ever made for my arcade
  • Complete my collection of near mint boxes of all of the original Nintendo black box games
  • Complete my Lego Collectible Minifig collection
  • Revisit other memorable toys & games from my childhood to collect and go overboard as time and money permit


  • Find the time to start SCUBA diving again
  • …and playing guitar
  • …and reading more
  • …and playing video games on a regular basis

Speaking of Video Games

  • 100% completion for Grand Theft Auto 3 (probably my favorite “new age” game)
  • Do some sort of online creative project going through every NES game ever made
  • Play every Final Fantasy game in chronological order
  • Play every Mario game in chronological order – even the terrible ones

Writing Career

  • Publish a collection of books large enough to fill an entire book shelf
  • Build Just Laugh into a force for hilarity and good
  • Find that one creative project that defines me

Personal Stuff

  • Find new and exciting and different ways to explore life with my wife
  • Save more than enough money for retirement
  • Raise my kid not to be a complete asshole
  • Spend more time with family and friends, near and far

Did I miss anything this time around??? If I did, maybe I’ll remember to catch it next decade… 😯

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