If so many Republicans are against abortion, why don’t they just push to make abortion illegal instead of trying to defund Planned Parenthood???

It seems like the more beneficial scenario across the board because that way Planned Parenthood could continue providing all of the other women’s health services that they offer and there would be no worry about state and federal funding going to support abortion because the process itself would be illegal … whereas if Planned Parenthood is defunded and can’t provide any of its services, other providers will still be able to offer abortions.

Mind you, I’m personally pro-choice and honestly have no problem with abortions being limited to the first trimester unless the mother’s life is in danger as our laws state today. It just begs the question to me of what those trying to defund Planned Parenthood are really after – do they truly not want abortion to exist because they believe it to be immoral or do they have some sort of vendetta specifically against Planned Parenthood and they simply refuse to see the forest for the trees?

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