2018 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 22 – The Sevener Family Christmas Card

We’ve been really terrible about getting these out this year, which is weird because we actually got them super early so that we’d have them before we went on vacation and everything.

At this rate, if they get in the mail by Presidents Day, I’m going to consider that a win…

The photos were taken, as pretty much all of our family photos have been, by Keli Gerber with Sweet Cheek Photography. She always seems to do a great job at capturing our boys in the moment, which works out good because while they’re all toddlers, the chances of them actually posing in unison for anything is slim to none!

I really loved the candid shots that she got this year of them playing with these very cool wooden Christmas cookies that my cousin makes for photography props … the corresponding milk bottle was an adorable touch. 😉

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