2021 Holiday Advent Blog – Day 13 – The Purr-fect Present…

In hindsight I feel kind of dumb, but I honestly had no idea that the one and only Eartha Kitt of Catwoman fame was the original singer back in 1953 to perform the iconic holiday hit, Santa Baby!

Admittedly I roll my eyes whenever this song comes on, namely because I could never afford a girl with such expensive taste in Christmas gifts, but picturing Catwoman weaving this tale of greed and lust as she toys with a captive Bruce Wayne (or maybe even Batgirl!) makes the song a little more palatable…

Just for fun, here’s an article that totals up what this insatiable vixen’s wishlist would’ve costed, although I’ve got to think you could probably shop around to save a couple of hundred million on the yacht at least. 😉


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