a good Florida day…

By my best estimation, I think we spent something like 3-4 hours in the pool today. It was basically all we did today, and it was fantastic.

The kids admittedly didn’t get as much pool time as we would’ve liked last week due to scheduling and rain conflicts. I think the last two nights we had to cancel on account of thunderstorms, which of course is very common this time of year in Florida, so out of fear that the same could happen again today for a third day in a row, I ended up taking them out this morning to get in an hour or two before lunch…

…which also has the added bonus of quieting down the house so that Sara could sleep because she both worked overnight last night and is working again tonight…

Anyways, arguably the pool is one of my easiest ways of entertaining the kids because they’re allowed to get a little wild (within reason) on account of being outside, it wears them out like crazy which makes naptime/bedtime so much easier, and it’s a good workout for me, too.

And it’s fun, of course!

Usually I’ll spend some time diving with David & Christopher while Matthew plays around on the pool deck, and then once his brothers start jumping that’s what he wants to do which turns me into the aquatic version of an air traffic controller to both keep his head above water and at least try to prevent everyone from bumping into each other … the latter of which is still very much a work in progress!

After our pool time, Christopher asked if we could eat lunch outside on the patio – another thing that we’ve also been enjoying lately, so we ate and watched iPads for a while before one by one I started peeling them off for naptimes. Christopher and I then sat around by ourselves a while longer, with me doing some work and him playing with his Mario Kart cars, until we eventually made a quick trip to the gas station for ice and snacks which resulted in us getting a bit drenched by the afternoon downpour.

Thankfully, however, it only lasted maybe twenty minutes and the heat outside still made the pool a welcoming place, so after naps and saying goodbye to Mom, we headed back out for round #2 and swam for another hour while waiting for pizza to get delivered for dinner!

In reflection, it just reminded me of one of those classic, lazy summer days where all of your time is either spent in the water or eating nearby it. It would’ve been nice to have a grill or something for maybe some shrimp or fish, but then again it would’ve been nice for Sara to be able to join us, too, because I certainly can’t man a grill and supervise three kids in the pool at the same time anyways!

We need more days like this over the summer. I’ll circle back to the grill point at a later date… 😉

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