Coronavirus, Day 474 – What Now???

I honestly just don’t know what to think about this pandemic anymore.

It frustrates me that vaccinations have slowed down so significantly – a month ago on May 22nd, 2.3 million doses were given out, compared to just 647k doses yesterday on June 22nd.

It also confuses me that the case and death numbers have fallen as much as they have, which don’t get me wrong is obviously a good thing. It just leaves me wondering if we’re missing something … are states getting lax about their reporting (Florida switched from daily to weekly recently) or are more cases going unreported???

I wish I knew what it’s supposed to look like for me to believe that it’s over because although the graphs above look promising even despite vaccinations running at only 45% of people vaccinated instead of the 70% that I thought we were aiming for a few months ago.

I guess I just worry that after we’ve all been through and sacrificed so much, what if there’s another surge that we could’ve prevented by taking precautions just a little bit longer or by more people being eager to get vaccinated themselves. My wife and I are both vaccinated and we still wear our masks everywhere because we’re worried about bringing it home to our kids, and yet it’s hard to see mask rules pretty much on a whim at this point where you know that those most adamantly against them just aren’t wearing them and still refuse to get vaccinated.

It’s weird for me to see Disney not only removing the last of its precautions around the parks, but also absolutely packing them in with people who are ready to move on with their lives … despite today seeing 365k cases around the world and 8,600 deaths.

And it’s damn scary to see Republican politicians going out of their way to pass legislature against things like schools requiring vaccinations or even masks, or businesses being allowed to require proof of vaccination for going on cruises in the name of “personal liberty.”

I’ve been taking my shoes off at the airport now for twenty years because one time a guy tried to blow up a plane with bombs in his shoes – what about that personal liberty?!

I think a lot of it makes me uncomfortable because it forces me to be more judgmental of the people around me for the sake of protecting my family. If everyone still wore masks or even if the vaccination rates were still up to show that the public trust was high around everyone just being careful, it would make me feel better about trying to ease back into some of the things that we did before COVID-19 changed all of our lives.

I saw one person joking about becoming agoraphobic over the last year and I don’t know if I’d go that far, but my anxiety is definitely a bit more on edge when I have to be around people who I don’t know if I can entirely trust because I don’t know if they’ve shared the same attitude towards the virus and staying safe as I have.

It leaves me wondering what back to normal will look like for me and just how long it’s going to take regardless of whatever the world chooses to do around me… 🙁

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