It’s Finally GONE!!!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking forward to this day.

Actually, I can!

I’ve despised this 30-some-odd foot monstrosity pretty much since we bought this house back in 2012. It drops leaves and acorns like it’s slowly dying on my front lawn, even though it’s definitely not, it’s impossible for me to prune because of how huge it’s gotten, and it’s even started to tear up the sidewalk and our driveway.

If left to its own devices, I have little doubt that before too long this innocent-looking oak tree would’ve displaced the entire house, leaving just one gargantuan behemoth of a tree in the center of our tiny, suburban lot and the family that once lived there forced out onto the area formerly known as our sidewalk before it ripped that whole thing to absolute shreds, too!

Admittedly it actually was pretty impressive to see the crew work. It wasn’t cheap, but these guys rolled up with three trucks and two massive cranes along with an industrial-sized wood chipper that buzzed through 8.5 years of my oak dread like a hot knife through a tree.

I griped a lot about our HOA over the years, but the process was surprisingly easy. I probably spent a week or two getting quotes from various tree removal companies – the one we picked wasn’t the cheapest option, mind you, but I was more confident in these guys than the next quote that was about $300 cheaper and when I watched them work, I knew we’d made the right choice. We didn’t have to get a local permit because the tree was considered a nuisance (tell me about it!) due to the damage its roots were doing, and I think even the HOA had their approval back to me in less than a week!

From the final approval, it took about a month for scheduling to get these guys out, and once they arrived the whole thing was GONE in maybe an hour?!

They still need to come back in a few days to grind out the stump so that we can try to grow grass over the oak tree’s unmarked grave, but all in all I was pretty impressed.

And relieved. We literally just had the AC worked on in our van because acorns were clogging up the pipes and causing water to back up into the system. Just before that, I raked 4-5 bags of leaves myself and then paid somebody who raked another 10 bags out of my tiny, little front yard!

Good riddance – don’t let the wood chipper hit ya where the lumberjack split ya… 😛

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