Smoking Stinks … YUCK!!!

November 4, 2013 10:52pm
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So studies have shown that quitting smoking is … a good thing!


(via Daily Infographic)

I used to smoke for a period of about 6 months in high school because I thought it was cool and I would get bored when I drove truck runs on Friday night. I barely even smoked enough for any real smoker to consider it smoking … it took me weeks to go through an entire pack of cigarettes and I was always very paranoid about getting caught. Eventually I quit because I started getting into diving and I realized that my lungs were actually pretty important to the process.

Good to see that some 15 years later, my risk should be pretty much non-existent at this point!

(I wanted to link to a YouTube video of those old anti-smoking videos … remember “Smoking Stinks – YUCK!!!” and then the person would stick out their tongue and it would be covered in cigarette butts??? Well, I couldn’t find one, surprisingly, but you probably get the idea nonetheless…)

The Evolution of Video Game Consoles

August 28, 2013 2:17pm
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I thought that this was a pretty cool infographic about the history and evolution of video games, as tweeted out by James Rolfe, the AVGN himself.

For starters, I never would’ve guessed that there were almost 50 consoles released in the ’60s and ’70s before the console that changed my life came out in 1985!!! I mean, I knew about the Atari and whatnot, but I never had one myself, and boy, were there sure a whole slew of others, too…

I was also pretty impressed to see the NES hold its own as the #1 console sold until the first Playstation came out. Since then, pretty much every other next gen. console has surpassed it – presumably because gaming has gotten a lot more mainstream than it was in the first couple of decades … though for what it’s worth, that little 8-bit wonder still holds the #6 spot of all time!

It’d be interesting to see a similar breakdown for the bestselling games themselves of all time, though it would probably get a little tricky because nowadays a lot of games are available on all platforms instead of just being Nintendo or Sega like they were back in the day.

Quite the legacy, that’s for sure!  :mrgreen:

And holy cow – I hadn’t really cared to look before, but the new PS4 and XBoxOne are set to have 8 core processors and 8 GB of RAM?! That’s one behemoth of a gaming system … or two!  😯 



From The Telegraph in Australia…

US Gun Owners Show Off Their Christmas “Toys”

“Despite widespread horror after the massacre of school children in Connecticut and calls for stricter gun  laws, Christmas Day was a gun fest for many US citizens who happily posed for photos with their weaponry under the Christmas tree.”

Here’s an infographic that they also put together about Guns in America … seriously, we have more places to buy guns than food in this country, and all the rest of the world can do is scratch their heads as we fumble to deal with our gun problem.

For what it’s worth, guys, not all of us are so infatuated with these killing machines that continue to serve as tools of carnage, but unfortunately with almost as many guns as people out there in circulation right now, we’re not exactly the majority…  😳

I know that one of the other huge differences in obesity from my parents’ and grandparents’ generation to my own is that they tended to work more manual labor-ish jobs (“down on the farm…”), whereas I for one these days pretty much just sit in front of a desk all day, but these accepted serving sizes certainly don’t help, either! We’re taught to empty our plates and go back for seconds at the buffet because it’s a good value, and at the same time we’re often consuming more calories than we should all day in a single meal…  😯

I think part of the problem is that many Americans don’t want to be healthy – or they do, but not enough to put down the 1,200-calorie cheeseburger and go for a walk instead. Sure, maybe it would be easier for people to be healthy if corporate America as a whole encouraged healthier foods with 400-calorie burgers and smaller portions all around, but really they’re just giving the people what they want, even if ultimately it’s terrible for us in the long run.

I honestly don’t really know what the answer is at this point except more education like this – a lot of people are just always going to eat crap because they like it or it’s all they can afford, and most (sometimes myself included) just don’t have the willpower necessary to do any better. I don’t think that silly regulations of the size of soda cups like they’re trying to do in New York City are the answer because we Americans love our freedom, even when it’s the freedom to eat foods that are likely to shave 20 years off of our lives.

Definitely an eye-opening infographic, that’s for sure!

(by, via GrubGrade)

TSA Wastefulness: Infographic Edition

March 12, 2012 10:42pm
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Speaking of the TSA, here are some statistics that don’t really look too favorable…

TSA Waste
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You know, not for nothing, but it makes it a little harder for me to feel sorry for the entertainment industry when you look back through time and realize that this same way they feel about the Internet is pretty much exactly how they’ve reacted to every single advancement in technology since the 1950s…

(from Matador Network, via BoingBoing)

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