The Evolution of Video Game Consoles

I thought that this was a pretty cool infographic about the history and evolution of video games, as tweeted out by James Rolfe, the AVGN himself.

For starters, I never would’ve guessed that there were almost 50 consoles released in the ’60s and ’70s before the console that changed my life came out in 1985!!! I mean, I knew about the Atari and whatnot, but I never had one myself, and boy, were there sure a whole slew of others, too…

I was also pretty impressed to see the NES hold its own as the #1 console sold until the first Playstation came out. Since then, pretty much every other next gen. console has surpassed it – presumably because gaming has gotten a lot more mainstream than it was in the first couple of decades … though for what it’s worth, that little 8-bit wonder still holds the #6 spot of all time!

It’d be interesting to see a similar breakdown for the bestselling games themselves of all time, though it would probably get a little tricky because nowadays a lot of games are available on all platforms instead of just being Nintendo or Sega like they were back in the day.

Quite the legacy, that’s for sure!  :mrgreen:

And holy cow – I hadn’t really cared to look before, but the new PS4 and XBoxOne are set to have 8 core processors and 8 GB of RAM?! That’s one behemoth of a gaming system … or two!  😯 



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