Today’s Running Around To-Do List…

May 17, 2009 2:17pm
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(in order of stores closing)
Advance Auto Parts : pick-up convertible top cleaner because I’ve put off cleaning that thing for way too long!
Bed, Bath & Beyond : find a bathroom organizer for Sara’s hair ties & stuff
mall : buy new shoes because the soles mysteriously tore out of my current ones Thursday night
mall food court : eat mediocre, cheap Chinese food (note: may actually be labeled Japanese or Cajun)
Mr. Tux : finally get fitted for Tim’s wedding two weeks after the deadline he gave me (sorry, buddy…)
Wal-Mart : buy groceries
Kinkos : get DVD case liners re-printed for our wedding DVDs because, well, I don’t want to get into it…
do-it-yourself car wash : attempt to vacuum any remaining water out of my car’s carpet, praying to whoever that the problem is finally fixed!

Jeesh, did I miss anything?! I’d better get going!

Weekend To-Dos

March 14, 2009 9:05pm
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– finish tweaking WordPress theme for Disney writing site
– figure out what to write for next week’s humor column and get it written
– clean-up office and pitch boxes from desktop upgrade
– finish cleaning living room
– test print wedding thank-yous and order stationary
– beat Level 4 of The Legend of Zelda (second quest)
– start brainstorming web design for my website with Sara
– bring budget in Microsoft Money back up to date
– exercise / find motivation to beat current weight loss hump

Just don’t ask me how many of them I managed to get done today…

Operation: Find AND Clean the Office

March 4, 2009 9:55pm
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The Good News: Home office is now cleaner than it’s been in months and is now ready to host awesome, new computer that is scheduled to arrive in various pieces tomorrow afternoon.

The Not-As-Good News: I literally just finished cleaning now, meaning that 5 minutes really isn’t enough time for me to get to the gym and get a decent workout. I was planning on going tonight because I assumed that I really wouldn’t want to go tomorrow with new toys waiting at home, but oops…

For what it’s worth, though, I do think this place ended up turning out pretty good. I still have a few things that I want to do over time to spruce this place up and make it feel more like a real office, in hopes of boosting my productivity on creative-type stuff here, but in a three and a half hour stretch, I think I managed to sort through the rubble ok. Desk is clean, new monitor is sweet even at the inferior resolution that Sara’s laptop is pushing it at, and I’ve still got an hour to spare before the wife gets home!

Zelda or writing – hmmm, tough choice…


January 2, 2006 10:35pm
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Alright – tomorrow’s my last day of vacation … time to get productive…

  • exercise
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • vacuum / sweep floors
  • sort out bills & investments
  • touch up trim in bedroom and hang pictures after paint dries
  • pick-up stuff from Home Depot / Lowes
  • hide remainder of cabling in living room and office
  • prepare L7 calendar for printingAnd if I still have time leftover…
    • web dev / layouts for upcoming sites
  • take pictures of condo to put online
  • write some resolutions

12/16/2005 – To-Do List

December 16, 2005 12:24am
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– go to work, collect slightly more than $200, provide ~9 hours of quality service, come home
– prior to coming home, pick-up Christmas gifts along the way to ease the burden of doing all my shopping this weekend
– get new fish at PetCo so Oscar and the gang won’t feel lonely
– upon returnng home, hang some pictures and clean up odds ‘n ends
– go spend at least 1/2 hour at the gym
– eat “healthy” dinner
– watch The Polar Express
– bedtime

things to do this weekend…

November 19, 2005 7:23pm
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  • continue unpacking
  • fill big fish tank and test water
  • paint master bed and bath rooms
  • play borrowed copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  • catch-up comics for upcoming project
  • continue to diagram backend for new Just Laugh
  • get majority of paid writing done for December
  • order DVDs, cables, and other things that are far too expensive locally
  • find time for the gym!


August 29, 2005 12:14am
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  • got somewhat of a grip on where I stand with the writing
  • played entirely too much Lego Star Wars to prevent any real “progress”from being made on said writing
  • baked gingerbread cookies – swear at self for trying to keep dough in line in the summer heats of Florida
  • watched new episode of Entourage when it first airs instead of relying on HBO on Demand…which has been down consistently when I wanted to watch it for the past three weeks 😛
  • grimaced with frustration as I realized that at the rate I’m going (about three pieces per day), the new photo mosaic puzzle that I bought is going to take roughly 47 weeksto finish…closer to 66 if I take weekends off… 🙁
  • …sighed and was just happy that at least I got some stuff done yesterday…Monday:
    • mail very, very late Christmas package to Uncle Robert
  • exercise as soon as I get home because according to the calendar, I only went oncelast week…oops…
  • spend some quality time cleaning up the atrocity that I left in the kitchen after cooking yesterday…including the stove top and the inside of the microwave, which gets cleaned maybetwice a year…
  • write columns that I’ve made myself a note for and proceed on to next batch to be tackled, striving to complete my backlog and get this website back online before the end of time
  • balance finances if 401k people actually update their website on-time for a change
  • break out some of that chicken for dinner that I bought last week, but somehow slid to the back of the fridge … barbecue, maybe?

so tired…

August 12, 2005 12:31am
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Tonight I set a new record for myself – 641 calories in 55 minutes on the eliptical … I feel very good, but very tired! 😛

Weekend To-Dos:

  • (money) – balance mid-month budget and pay bills
  • (writing)– get “the backlog” down to 20 columns by Saturday night; start working on upcoming paid articles
  • (exercise)– workout Friday night and Saturday morning … Sunday is optional because I actually kept to schedule this week!
  • (misc) – wash, vacuum, clean-out car because it’s getting to that point again
  • (fun) – not quite sure yet, but I think I need to get out and do something Sunday if I can manage to get everything else done … any suggestions?

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