• got somewhat of a grip on where I stand with the writing
  • played entirely too much Lego Star Wars to prevent any real “progress”from being made on said writing
  • baked gingerbread cookies – swear at self for trying to keep dough in line in the summer heats of Florida
  • watched new episode of Entourage when it first airs instead of relying on HBO on Demand…which has been down consistently when I wanted to watch it for the past three weeks 😛
  • grimaced with frustration as I realized that at the rate I’m going (about three pieces per day), the new photo mosaic puzzle that I bought is going to take roughly 47 weeksto finish…closer to 66 if I take weekends off… 🙁
  • …sighed and was just happy that at least I got some stuff done yesterday…Monday:
    • mail very, very late Christmas package to Uncle Robert
  • exercise as soon as I get home because according to the calendar, I only went oncelast week…oops…
  • spend some quality time cleaning up the atrocity that I left in the kitchen after cooking yesterday…including the stove top and the inside of the microwave, which gets cleaned maybetwice a year…
  • write columns that I’ve made myself a note for and proceed on to next batch to be tackled, striving to complete my backlog and get this website back online before the end of time
  • balance finances if 401k people actually update their website on-time for a change
  • break out some of that chicken for dinner that I bought last week, but somehow slid to the back of the fridge … barbecue, maybe?


  1. Hey, sorry, but no Dave Barry autograph. 🙁 Parents wanted to leave right after, and with as many people as there were there, I kinda did too. Maybe next time??

  2. If you like his stuff, you should definitely see him if you get a chance. He started off kinda shaky, but then got into a rhythm, and he delivers with such unassuming wit, I really enjoyed it.

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