My checkout experience was almost comical…at least, it would’ve been if she hadn’t been completely serious:

Cashier: Are you interested in getting a Target Red Card?
Me: No thanks.
Cashier: Teeheehee … ummm, can I ask why?
Me: *glares* Because I don’t want one?
Cashier: Is it because it’s a credit card?
Me: Yep.
Cashier: What’s wrong with credit cards? I don’t see what the big deal is…
Me: *getting pissed* Spend the next six years of your life paying off $20,000 worth of credit card debt and you’ll figure it out.
Cashier: *blank look* Will that be credit or debit?
Me: …debit…

The girl couldn’t have been more than sixteen…at best…and for some reason, I see distinct financial problems in her future. Sad, really – I wish I’d have been more educated about handling money when I was a teenager…it would’ve saved me a whole lot of grief on down the road! 😛

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  1. Is it any of her fucking BUSINESS!? Jesus christ. I hate that stupid “Push your stupid worthless credit card on people who don’t want it” crap. I had to do that when I worked at Mervyn’s and I would just ask if they wanted to open up a Mervyn’s card and save 15% of their purchase if they were approved. (That’s the thing they never mention – people who get pissed off at you for wasting their time when they’re not approved.) And if they said no, that was it. I got a higher up who would like passive aggressively berate me for not being more aggressive, but hey, I didn’t have people getting irritated with me for being too pushy (like they did with her).

    I hate it when people push it on me (especially the girls at Victoria’s Secret…I already feel like the weird random doesn’t-shop-at-Abercrombie girl, now they’re making me feel like I’m a bad person for not getting their credit card).

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