Dream Journal : Pesky Dolphins

I was walking Cleo through this dockside-type neighborhood that had a particularly unique problem.

Lots of homes had pools in their backyards that weren’t far from the canal itself, which you would think would be pretty swell – especially because dolphins were very common in this neighborhood, but unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as ideal because said dolphins had a nasty habit of coming out of the water and flopping around on people’s patios while they were trying to sleep!

I first noticed it as only the sound of a random thud on concrete, and then finally saw a large, grey shape that every so often would make its presence known to the poor lady who was trying to sleep in her home. It quickly became clear that the flopping wasn’t so much due to being fish out of water as much as it was simply dolphins being a bunch of assholes.

It was like a game to them – they’d dive out of the canal into somebody’s pool, then flop onto the patio for a bit, then back into the pool – to the point where sometimes these tiny pools would have multiple dolphins in them at the same time.

At one point Cleo got off her leash and was curiously walking along the edge of the pool, almost slipping but catching herself several times, until she finally just fell in altogether. I thought she was going to be able to swim out, but there were three dolphins in that particular pool and one grabbed her, so I had to reach in and pull her free.

Luckily she was ok in this particular dream, though, and after sympathizing with the neighbors who were being kept up all night by these dolphins, we finally went on our way.

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