Fun with Christopher – Space Oddity

April 29, 2015 2:03am
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I remember having this idea a couple of years ago that it might be kind of cool once I had a kid to setup a website of all the neat things that we explore online together … may have to revisit that one after the fun we had this evening…

Anyways, this song came up because I had The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on in the background and after it cut out (just before Walter accidentally dives into the ocean!), I thought it might be fun to show him the original … or at least, the original as uniquely performed by the Commander of the International Space Station IN SPACE!!!

I know that at one year old he doesn’t really get space or weightlessness or the thought of everything mankind has ever known existing on that blue marble floating below the ISS, but he will. I suppose that’s the fun part! 😉

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