I’m on a quest this year to find the perfect hot chocolate.

Or at least a really, really good one!

I’ve since graduated from relying on Swiss Miss as my go to hot chocolate mix, with my current favorite being this Hershey’s hot chocolate that my wife picked up at Target around Thanksgiving.

I was looking forward to trying this fancy Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate that I came across at Publix that just sounded fantastic, but apparently when you make your name peddling coffee, everything else that you make ends up tasting at least a little like coffee, too … which very much didn’t work for me!

That said, my new curiosity is this Oreo Hot Chocolate mix that I found at Walmart and am keeping set aside for our Christmas vacation next week – I figured it might be a good option back in the hotel room at night to sip on once the kids are finally (hopefully!) all asleep in their beds…

And it’s too bad because Disney themselves has a set of flavored hot chocolate mixes that you can also buy around this time of year, but we’ve already tried them and I actually remember them being a step below Swiss Miss … so no good there!

What do you think? Is there a great hot chocolate out there that you think I should try?

Epcot sometimes has some interesting ones with shots of liquor in them that I’ve enjoyed while walking around World Showcase, so maybe we’ll have to stumble over there in the name of my hot chocolate quest, too!

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