Inspiration From Liberia

December 6, 2018 10:59pm
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So this is a really cool story…

Guy gets contacted online by someone in Liberia who he assumes is just another scammer, but decides to give him a chance and offers him a job taking photos of his homeland. He ends up sending the guy a cheap camera and spends a couple of months coaching him on photography, then self publishes a small book of the photos so that he can pay him as promised. And they sold enough that the budding photographer was not only able to turn his life around, pay off his debts, and put a new roof on his home, but they also bought school supplies and book bags for kids in five local schools.

And if that’s not enough, check out this special video where these two new business partners plan to give the children of Liberia a Christmas to remember … which ends up being much different than the Christmas we’ve come to expect here in America…

I picked up a couple of copies of their books to give away as Christmas presents. It’s just a really fun, engaging, and also heartwarming story to watch from the very beginning if you’ve got some time to kill watching YouTube videos tonight. 😉

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